West Pediatrics, LLC is a concierge medical practice that provides an intimate patient-doctor relationship in order to promote optimal health care for your children, all in the comfort of your home. Board certified pediatrician Dr. Kortney West will be easily accessible to your family by phone, text, email, FaceTime, or secure message to answer any and all questions you have about your children's health. When the situation requires an in person evaluation, Dr. West will come to your home or office at your convenience. West Pediatrics, LLC limits its patient enrollment to ensure constant availability to you and your family. This personalized, small practice model ensures that you will have convenient appointments without ever seeing a waiting room again!


This practice is ideal for

  • Busy families that require accommodating appointment times and locations.
  • Families who want extended after hours access to their pediatrician.
  • Families frustrated with long waits at the doctor's office.
  • Families looking for one on one time with your doctor without feeling rushed.
  • Families who desire a physician comfortable with complementary and alternative care.
  • Medically complex children requiring coordination of care.
  • Developmentally disabled children more comfortable with examination in their own environment.


To provide personalized, up to date, and evidenced based medical care to children in the most convenient manner possible.