About West Pediatrics

West Pediatrics, founded by Dr. Kortney West, specializes in concierge pediatrics for the greater Baton Rouge area. What is concierge pediatrics? It’s pediatric care focused on your children and your convenience. Understanding the difficulties parents face everyday, West Pediatrics provides your family constant, unrestrained support and advice. Dr. Kortney West is available to her patients after hours and, when the issue requires an in person visit, Dr. West does house calls!


Dr. West founded West Pediatrics after she, as both a doctor and a mother, determined there was a better way for our doctors to care for our children. That way is concierge pediatrics. Unfortunately, with traditional pediatrics, even the best doctors find themselves handcuffed by a health care system that ignores the needs of its professionals and its patients. Concierge pediatrics curtails those flaws in several ways.

Extended ACCESS

By having after hours access to Dr. Kortney West, patients of West Pediatrics are able to have a constant and ongoing conversation with their pediatrician, fielding questions that often go to Google or are just left unanswered. “Is this product safe for my child?” “What is the best medicine for this rash?” “Should my child still be crying?” Instead of looking for answers or ignoring problems, you have a direct line to a board certified pediatrician.


When an issue arises that Dr. West cannot resolve without seeing your child, she does house calls! That’s right, Dr. West comes to you and aims to come to you within 24 hours! This solves so many issues parents find when going to the doctor, including packing up all your children, getting healthy kids sick, waiting days, weeks or months to get in with your doctor, long waits in waiting rooms, children missing school, parents missing work, and much more.


For parents, West Pediatrics’s concierge pediatrics model works with you to make doctor's appointments easy. By coming to you, at your convenience, Dr. West is saving you time and hassle. Whether you are a working professional or a stay at home parent, West Pediatrics knows you are far too busy to spend 6 hours at the doctor’s office.  This means no more long waiting room stays past your appointment time.


You can rely on your appointment time with West Pediatrics because another key aspect of the concierge pediatrics model is a small number of patients. With this model, Dr. West is able to focus on and truly invest in her patients. When you meet with or talk to Dr. West, your family is the only priority.

As you can see, concierge pediatrics is focused on you and your children. Gone are the days of waiting rooms, cancelling meetings to take your children to the doctor, and the difficulties of going to the doctor. Say goodbye to what has been and say hello to West Pediatrics!