Is Concierge Medicine For Me?

Concierge medicine through West Pediatrics, LLC provides you with direct, 24/7 access to Dr. Kortney West and convenient in person appointments in the comfort of your own home.  This constant access provides your children with optimal medical care. It is likely you have seen concierge model practiced by various doctors in the greater Baton Rouge area. This model is growing in the medical community and is not showing any signs of slowing. 

Being a West Pediatrics, LLC patient entitles to you two general forms of care: (1) 24/7 access and (2) convenient, in home visits. Since our practice only accepts a limited number of patients, you are guaranteed quick response times, same day appointment availability, and extended, unhurried in person contact with Dr. West. In determining whether West Pediatrics, LLC is right for your family, many people focus on the costs. However, it is important to remember the services we provide:

  • 24/7 Access: The essential aspect of the concierge model is 24/7 access to Dr. West through phone, text, email, FaceTime, Skype, or secure message. The cost of the 24/7 access is realized in the monthly (or annual) fee associated with your medical care. Generally, health insurance will not reimburse this amount. However, you will come to find this 24/7 access will limit the need of in person visits and will ease many of the fears and stresses associated with parenthood. The value of being able to call your pediatrician for car seat recommendations on the way to the store or having Dr. West visit your home for an in depth discussion of vaccines provides you with care that greatly exceeds the associated costs. At a cost similar to a cup of coffee a day, we are confident this service will been seen by your family as a bargain.
  • In Person Access: In regards to in person home visits, labs, vaccines, and the like, the costs associated with these items are competitive with traditional pediatric clinics in the area. Many West Pediatrics, LLC patients will find that their health insurance policy will reimburse portions or all of these costs and we will be available to you to help every step of the way. We will provide you with detailed summaries of the charges you incur and will work with you to help you in the reimbursement process with your insurance company.

There is ample literature on the affordability of concierge medicine. It is vital to note that your relationship with West Pediatrics, LLC is in no way a substitute for health insurance. With that, one of the most common issues people want to discuss is having to continue to pay for health insurance while also paying a monthly fee and the costs associated with in person visits. Some insurance policies may allow for more affordable coverage by combining a high-deductible health insurance plan with a health or flexible savings account. Some insurance policies may also allow you to utilize those pretax dollars on fees associated with your concierge care.

One of the biggest myths surrounding concierge medicine is that it is limited to the rich and famous. This is in no way the case at West Pediatrics, LLC. We want you to be completely comfortable with the concierge model. For this reason, you are encouraged to discuss this model with your insurance company and ask all the questions you have. A simple Google search will provide a plethora of resources on the pros and cons of this concierge model. Please schedule a free consultation with Dr. West and allow us to work with you to determine whether concierge medicine is the right care for your family.

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