Confessions Of An Imperfect [Pediatrician] Mom: Do I Have My Sh*t Together?

HAHAHA. Short answer is no.

I mean, kinda sorta, but mostly no. Let me elaborate. You see this beautiful boy in the photo below? Great. Here goes nothing.

Photo Credit: St. Blanc Creative

Photo Credit: St. Blanc Creative

I was SO PROUD of myself for having arranged for Christmas card pictures somewhat early, buying outfits for the family, complete with coordinating monograms for the children. The day before the pictures, I was laying all the clothes out feeling smug, but more so proud. I did it, somehow despite the chaos of the holidays I had all the makings of a precious Christmas card ready to go. I grinned to myself when all of a sudden, it hit me. One of the outfits had the totally WRONG initials. Yes, you read that correctly.

I monogrammed my husband’s initials on my son’s shirt. That’d be no big deal if my son was a junior, but alas, he is not. I dropped off the shirt, told them the wrong initials, approved the wrong initials and then didn’t realize it until the day before the pictures. Can anyone relate? Sometimes life is just one wrong initial incident after the next.

So just when I think I have it together, God serves me up a big slice of humble pie.

I told my best friend this story and after laughing hysterically, she told me that one of her friends asked her how I always had my “sh*t together”. Disclaimer: social media looks can be deceiving. Luckily that friend set the record straight by telling the inquiring person that I don’t. That’s the truth and I’m so happy she was honest. She knows I’m a mom and I’m only human.

So in the spirit of honesty, here are a few other secrets about me: 

  • I’m typically the very last car in the morning carpool line.
  • I’m always complaining the house is a mess, but the first to drop all my junk off in the foyer.
  • I have fallen asleep while breastfeeding my infant and then woken up in a panic worried I suffocated them since they were in bed with me.
  • I forget to give my kids (and myself) our daily vitamins, and not infrequently do I finish antibiotics a few days late due to missing some of the doses. But hey - at least we really do finish them!!
  • I have let my kids watch more than one hour of screen time per day on occasion. Okay, being honest, maybe multiple occasions.
  • I pray aloud in the car for patience when my four year old is screaming for making her wear shoes to school. God forbid shoes to school, the horror! I’ve lost that patience and screamed back at her anyway.
  • Dinner has been obtained from fast food restaurants, sometimes, a few days in a row.
  • I’ve even humbly approached a stranger in the airport for a diaper when I didn’t have enough provisions for that last leg of our flight home. It happens and I would gladly do the same thing for any other mom in my predicament.

So here’s what I want to say to you, I get it. No judgment.

You don’t have to feel bad when I tell you an official AAP recommendation or guideline that you haven’t been following. It’s hard to be perfect and it's damn near impossible to be a perfect parent. If your kids are happy, healthy and loved, you’re doing a great job!

Trust me, I get it.

Photo Credit: St. Blanc Creative

Photo Credit: St. Blanc Creative